Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always Have a Back-Up Plan!

I am sitting at my assigned seat in plenary and writing this while the assembly takes a brief break due to technology glitches -- the keypads that the commissioners use to vote are on the fritz! Moderator Bolbach is not reluctant to ask for voice or hand votes, but some simply must be done by the voting "machines." During the early part of this break the YAAD's (Youth and Young Adult Advisory Delegates) led the assembly in an energizer, which was delightful to watch, if not in which to participate! The camera panned the commissioners and I saw the New Covenant folks actively participating (well, most of them)!

15 minutes later..... seems like folks still remember how we "used to do it." I was writing the paragraph above when I was summoned, along with 6 other stated clerks, to be tellers to count paper ballots -- as a solution to the technology glitch! While we waited for our instructions backstage, the voting mechanism was restored. So, our little group of clerks is now on stand-by as the back-up plan for the next time this happens! (dkp)

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