Thursday, July 8, 2010

protesters, science and faith

I had to laugh as I talked to the two protesters outside the convention center. They are from Ethiopia, and while displaying his sign declaring "NO MORE SIN", a man ran by with his dog, took one look at the sign and said, "Sin ... Yeah ... Sin" with fist upraised. How do we engage a world when we all are sinners?

I had the pleasure of hearing Bill Brown speak on his new book, "The Seven Pillars of Creation", which ties together scientific connections through the Old Testament, which he teaches at Columbia. Interesting guy ... sounds like a good book. There is a move to get the scientists talking to religious folks, and 48% of scientists profess a faith life.

How do we talk about evolution to fundamentalists? I was encouraged by his quote of a high school student from Georgia, where he lives, who said, "I know now that I can study science, read my Bible and pray, and I don't have to choose between one or the other."

Be filled with wonder at God's creation! Even guys who celebrate sin!

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