Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missionaries Commissioned

Lest we give you the impression that everything here at GA is about "issues," I commend to you the blog entries about worship. There is always wonderfully uplifting worship experiences at every General Assembly and this year's is no different. This morning during the worship service that began our day together, missionaries and volunteers in mission were commissioned to their respective ministries. Among those commissioned were The Rev. Jacob George, minister member of New Covenant, and his wife, Aliamma. They will be going to the Sudan.

There are also very special moments interspersed throughout the day while the assembly is in session. Short video presentations have highlighted the varieties of Presbyterian ministries that are making a difference throughout the world. We have marked the 50th celebration of the Presbyterian Peacemaking ministry, and we have prayed together and raised our voices to sing familiar and not-so-familiar hymns and songs.

It is now almost time for the lunch break -- a welcome time of rest and renewal before a long and perhaps contentious afternoon and evening.

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