Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Commissioners are hard at work, decisions are being made on what to recommend to the General Assembly as a whole, when it reconvenes in plenary tomorrow. We on the sidelines are praying mightily for the Holy Spirit to move throughout the assembly hall today.

Some decisions already made are as follows:
1) to recommend adoption of the report of the special committee on Civil Union and Marriage; 2) to recommend denouncing Caterpillar for actions in the Middle East; 3) to recommend approval of recommendations from special committee on the Heidelberg Catechism, and to recommend including the Belhar Confession in the Book of Confessions; 4) to recommend the role of certified Christian educators be affirmed; 5) to recommend a negative vote on "Christians and Jews" paper; 5) to recommend the establishment of a Middle Governing Body Commission, which would be authorized to act on the requests of presbyteries and synods "to divide, unite or otherwise combine" them during the next two years. If created by the General Assembly, this 21 member commission will be authorized to act as the General Assembly during the period between this assembly and the next; 6) to recommend the establishment of financial support for a coastal wetlands education center in south Louisiana ($111,700); 7) to recommend that GA bring to the attention of the church significant trends and developments in human rights, particularly in the areas of trafficking, detention of immigrants, and the continuing problem of torture.

More to follow at the end of this day. (dkp)

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