Friday, July 9, 2010

Early Departure and Final Thoughts

Some of us are having to leave MN before GA adjourns tomorrow; the commissioners, however, are still hard at work and this will be another exhausting day for them. Please pray them a gracious measure of energy and discernment.

As I leave, I want to share a word of appreciation for the beauty of the churches in downtown Minneapolis! They are beautiful old buildings, of various stone, and their proximity to the Convention Center provided us with images of strength and grace, wherever we walked! To the Lutherans who welcomed us with banners and the other congregations who prayed for us as we met, we give thanks to God!

As for the congregation of Westminster Presbyterian Church, a block from the Convention Center, may they soon have a time of rest and renewal! We praise God for their warm and engaging hospitality! This church flung wide its doors to provide space for meetings, for meals, for prayer, and for renewal through daily offerings of music to entertain, and to soothe troubled souls. I was only able to attend one lunchtime concert -- a duo of Celtic harp and Irish whistles. What a treat for all who were there.

I didn't get to see the statue of Mary Tyler Moore (i.e., character Mary Richards of that old sit-com), but I can attest that Minneapolis IS a city where one feels like throwing a hat in the air, smiling and dancing a bit!

Mike Cole and our commissioners will close out this blog as the GA winds down today and adjourns tomorrow morning with worship. Let me remind all who read this that the presbytery is holding a special called meeting on Sunday, July 18 (3-6pm @ Pinecrest PC) to hear the report of the GA Commissioners, and to engage in a time of conversation together. I hope to see you there! (dkp)


  1. Rev Di, thanks for your faithful posts that kept us informed! Safe travels...

  2. Thanks, QG. This has been a very thoughtful, discerning and respectful assembly. I have so much hope for our church -- as long as we are willing to have patience with each other and wait upon our Lord!