Thursday, July 8, 2010

GA approves Both the Majority and Minority Reports on Civil Union and Christian Marriage – Mike Cole

The GA approved by a vote of 67% to 32% BOTH the majority and minority reports of a special committee to study civil union and Christian marriage. This action will commend both reports for STUDY to the church at large. The action encourages all sessions to use the Biblical and background materials for study and as resources for educating ourselves on issues surrounding civil union and Christian marriage. Neither report alters our current definition of Christian marriage as a lifelong covenant between God, a man and a woman, and the community of faith."

The GA also voted by 52% to consider the above action its response to ALL overtures previously submitted to it on civil union and Christian marriage. The other overtures addressed a variety of issues related to guidance to churches and ministers on civil union. As a result of this vote, the PC(U.S.A.) definition of marriage remains unchanged.

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