Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's What Time?!?!

As I take a peek at the clock on my computer it says 12:20 a.m. It's still set to Pacific Standard Time, as is my body. So, I am not particularly tired despite having a day that started at 8:30 a.m. and has yet to end. But, before going to bed and getting some rest after a very busy first day, I wanted to say goodnight by saying thank you.

Thank you to all my friends at New Covenant Presbytery. What a joy to visit with friends in person and be in community with one another during this important time in the church.

Thanks to San Francisco Theological Seminary for allowing me the opportunity to serve as a Theological Student Advisory Delegate.

Thanks to the Committee on Local Affairs and the great state of Minnesota. The people are welcoming, warm and friendly.

Thanks to Brentwood Presbyterian Church for giving me the time off necessary to be a part of the important work of the whole church.

Thanks to Bruce Reyes-Chow for his wonderful service as moderator.

Tonight, we elected Cindy Bolbach as moderator. Tomorrow (well, technically, today), we roll up our sleeves and begin to discern what it means to be the church today and tomorrow. Sometimes we will agree and sometimes we will disagree, but one thing we all know for sure is God is ever present and will speak to us and surprise us this week in amazing ways.

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