Monday, July 5, 2010

A Very Rare Moment of Free Time

My heart and mind are full. The words I want to write are large in number. But, my time between meetings is short. So, for the moment I leave you with this:

I am serving as a Theological Student Advisory Delegate on the Civil Unions and Christian Marriage Committee. The stories on both sides of the issue are incredibly heart- and gut-wrenching. Our moderator, Rick Nutt, pointed out at the end of our time together yesterday that he had been staring at a cross on the wall in the back of the room that was formed by the shadow of our WiFi intranet hardware. This was not a staged photo. Some might say it’s merely a coincidence, I choose to believe it is radical proof of the presence of God even in (and, perhaps, especially in) the midst of heated disagreement.

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