Monday, July 5, 2010

Having fun with the Outlook

Today I have been listening to the discussions of amending overtures for Committee 13 - Peacemaking. I wonder how this will play in the congregations I serve. One is involved with a Sudanese group in Houston, the other has many friends and family that are serving in the military, with several that have been in Afghanistan. So I wonder, how will the efforts on the national level play locally? I guess it is up to me to help interpret any statements that are made here at GA.

Former PCUSA moderator, Syngman Rhee, came by the proceedings this morning with the Vice Moderator of the Korean Presbyterian Church (yes, in Korea), who brought greetings and prayed for our efforts. Rev. Rhee had received an award from The Presbyterian Outlook at a luncheon on Saturday. He has been a minister for 50 years, and celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary! What a witness he has been ...

If you aren't a current subscriber to the Outlook, they are offering a 40% off cover price during the assembly. Come visit the booth in the display area!

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