Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GA Returns to Plenary Sessions Today

Commissioners, presbytery and synod staff, and GA "junkies" from our presbytery gathered last night at a local restaurant for a dutch-treat appetizer supper and to catch up with each other. Since everyone has been assigned to different committees, our contingent has not had much opportunity to see each other since last Saturday. It was good to relax together and to hear what about each committee's work. Today the General Assembly returns to plenary sessions -- the gathering of the whole -- to begin to sort through committee recommendations. This morning is set aside for reading all of those recommendations, and then after lunch back to work in when the plenary reconvenes.

Please continue to keep all commissioners, but especially ours, in your prayers. As a reminder, they are: Cassandra Dahnke, Doug Gleditsch, Greg Han, Shelley Hernandez, Mary Mahlmann, Marie Mickey, Steve Newton, Ginny Raska, Gary Johnson. Advisory Delegates from New Covenant are Ross Freeman, Amy Klinkovsky and Shane Webb.

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