Friday, July 2, 2010

Tonight commissioners and other participants at GA were welcomed to Minneapolis by the congregation at Westminster Presbyterian Church (a block away from the Convention Center) with a wonderful, if not unusual pairing of musical groups! First to perform was Cantus, a men's accapella ensemble, whose harmony and selections completely wowed the audience. Following them were Monroe Crossing, a bluegrass group, whose lively tunes had us all clapping our hands, and whose ballads touched many to the core. To conclude this delightful concert, the two groups performed together! What a treat! Thank you, good people of WPC, and special thanks to these talented and engaging musicians and vocalists.

Dear God, thank you for the blessing of the freely shared gifts of others that bring such joy to our lives. Tonight we are especially grateful for the warm and gracious hospitality being showered upon us by the good people of Twin Cities. May they rest well this night. Amen.

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