Monday, July 5, 2010

Testimony in Two Committees

I got to present testimony to two committees - a bit of a juggling act, but I got through it. I spoke to the Middle Governing Body Issues Committee in favor of the Commission of Middle Governing Body with some responsiveness.

I was also fortunate to be selected as one of about 25-30 presenters to the Middle East Committee. There were 160 people signed up to speak for 90 minutes of open hearing. I was able to make the primary points I intended - the MESC report erodes rather than enhances our relationship with Jews and the report is unfair, unbalanced and biased. As Presbyterians, many of whom have little history with the Presbyterian church, we expect study reports to be balanced and fair. This report and its conclusions are flawed. Therefore, the recommendations, some of which I could support, are flawed and do not rise to the level of objectivity I have come to expect from the PCUSA. Mike Cole

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  1. No wonder there are so many chairs in that room! The peacemaking group next door is not quite as exciting, although we did have greetings from the Vice Mod of the Presbyterian Church in Korea, and also from a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in Kenya!