Thursday, July 8, 2010

GA Approves a Commission for Middle Governing Bodies - MikeCole

This morning, the GA approved by 84% TO 15% a recommendation to create a 21 person Commission for Middle Governing Bodies, which will consult will "consult with sessions, presbyteries, synods, and the wider church on the mission and function of middle governing bodies. The commission will develop models that reflect the roles of middle governing bodies in our polity and the changing context of our witness in the United States and their relationships with other governing bodies. The commission will prepare a report to the 220th General Assembly (2012) of its findings and any recommended Book of Order changes. The commission will implement, within the powers granted it, any decisions forwarded from the 219th General Assembly (2010) and approved by presbyteries regarding the form and function of middle governing bodies with a report to the 220th General Assembly (2012). In response to actions of the 219th General Assembly (2010), or upon request of the presbytery and synod by 2/3 vote, the commission is authorized to act as the General Assembly according to organize new synods and to divide, unite, or otherwise combine synods or portions of synods previously existing; or to approve the organization, division, uniting, or combining of presbyteries or portions of presbyteries by synods. Finally, The commission will supervise the Special Administrative Review Committee on Puerto Rico and act on any recommendations they may make within the powers given to the commission.

This has the potential of allowing us to be more flexible and nimble with regard to structural matters and the development of new and creative models for the mission and vision of our middle governing bodies.

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