Thursday, July 8, 2010

Orders of the Day

In building the docket for this assembly's plenary sessions, the Bills and Overtures Committee has recommended Orders of the Day for particularly significant issues. Today there will be Orders of the Day at 10:30 am for Middle Governing Body Issues and at 2:00 pm to consider the report and recommendations of the Church Orders Committee (dealt with all overtures affecting 6.0106b). Tonight the evening session will be dedicated to the report and recommendations from the Committee on Civil Unions and Marriage. Adhering to the docket will help those viewing from home (via live streaming on the computer).

If you want to see how the business will be handled the rest of the week, go to Find the link to PC-Biz. Follow directions to register, then open Committees, Bills and Overtures, and click on 02-05, "Docket and Minutes."

Blessings this day.

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