Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wonderfullly Diverse Worship at GA

The General Assembly celebrated the sacrament of the Lord's Supper AND Baptism (firswt time ever at a GA!) with an energizingly diverse worship. Capitalizing on the Native American heritage of the Minnesota region, the worship was a blend of a variety of cultures and worship styles, culminating in the baptism of a little girl. Her parents presented Alexis to be baptized, in the midst of her own congregation, physically surrounded by the "cloud of witnesses" in the assembly hall. It was a very moving moment for all as the true connectional nature of the church was revealed.

We also honored all military chaplains and recognized their outstanding service to our nation and our God. This was an especially moving moment as we gave the military personnel a standing ovation on our national Independence Day.

Bruce Reyes-Chow preached a dynamic sermon challenging the church to be prepared for the movement of the Holy Spirit in shaking the mountains of tradition that we have always considered permanent and immovable. Bruce also challenged the worshipers to show the world (and the younger generations) that we care enough to include them and those things which they count as important. It was the start of a great day.

Mike Cole

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  1. Sounds wonderful! All us folks at home continue to lift allof you up in our prayers. It is impossible not to have much hope for generations of Presbyterians to come when we hear about worship like you all experienced this morning. Love to you all, and many blessings in the days to come. I know our commissioners will be glad to have you, Diane, Wendy & Mary close by for support.